Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Name?
From Philippians 1:12, “I want you to know…what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel.”

What kind of school is this?
Advance is not a liberal arts school, not a university, or even a “traditional Bible College.” Advance is a 2 year, highly intensified college-level institute designed to lead students to cast a vision for growth in the local church.

How do classes work?
Classes are arranged much like college classes- hours, credits, cost, study guides, notetaking, tests, sacrifice, and hands on ministry.

What methods of teaching are used?
In person, Zoom, video, and internship.

What kind of internship program is used?
A 2-year internship runs concurrent with instruction. Students will receive intense hands-on ministry experience which will enable them to not only receive quality instruction in the classroom, but exercise their knowledge through externally-focused outreach programs and ministries in what we call a “Lab Ministry” church.

Can a person take longer than 2 years to complete work?
Yes. A student may attend “part-time” and still complete a certificate.

Who are the instructors?
Instructors are highly competent preachers and church leaders who have been successful in building the local church. They are not merely academics, but practitioners. Instructors are students of God's word, doctrinally sound, and highly educated. They are capable of teaching biblical concepts in simple clear terms and applying scriptures for practical ministry.

Is this school suitable for anyone other than preachers?
Yes, with three certificate programs, Advance trains leaders (male and female) for a variety of staff positions.

What is attractive about this school that separates it from traditional college?
  • Flexibility. We will work with the student who has a part-time or full-time job. This may extend the duration of one’s education.
  • Cost. Our goal, though classes will include a tuition cost per hour, is to graduate students without incurring debt. Excellence will be rewarded at completion and certification. Our “outside the box” goal is to certify the student, locate employment, and return some funds for the future (down payment on a home, for example.)
  • Housing. We will be providing affordable housing near campus for our students as availability allows.

This doesn’t sound possible. How can this work financially?
  • First, classes will be held on the campus of Kissimmee Christian Church. Expansion of the school may involve extension work at other churches across the state of Florida.
  • Donors. Generous donors, visionary leaders. People who believe in our mission to train ministers in the Bible and practical application. Teaching successful principles of evangelism and outreach in the local church are key to our success in training preachers and other ministers.

Why choose Advance over a 4-year college?
Advance is designed as an alternative for the student who is not interested in a 4-year degree. Examples include “career changers” who get hired on a church staff and may have the need to further their theological education and leadership training. Advance gives them the opportunity to get this education and training while fulfilling their role on staff and not having to go elsewhere.          

Can I attend Advance for the benefit as a member or leader in the church even though I don’t intend to preach?
Yes. The Certificate of Completion is designed for church members who complete 12 classes.

Will you award degrees?
No, Advance will award the following certificates:
  • Certificate of Endorsement: Preaching Ministry (66 credit hours)
  • Certificate of Endorsement: Associate Ministry (66 credit hours)
  • Certificate of Endorsement: Practical Ministry (66 credit hours)
  • Certificate of Completion (completion of 12 classes)

What are the major areas of study?
We call them five points of light:
1. Bible and Theology
2. Preaching and Teaching
3. Practical Ministry
4. Church Leadership Development
5. Church and Culture (Outreach and Evangelism)

What gives this program value as a training institute?
3 things: (1) the high quality and reputation of our instructors and classes; (2) the high quality and reputation of our internship program; and (3) the high quality and reputation of the students who successfully complete a certificate.    

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes. Advance is a 401c3 non-profit organization.